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IPv6 l337 subnetting

posted Oct 14, 2015, 9:12 AM by Daniele Albrizio
Searching for meaningful subnet numbers for a new IPv6 /48 range subnetting, I tried to do an automatic extraction of 4 characters (/64 subnet) word in my language that can translate somehw in an IPv6 l337 address.

So I  searched for and downloaded my language wordlist and then using the following command:

$ cat italian_words | grep ^....$ | grep -Ev "h|k|m|p|n|u|v|w|x|y" | while read word; do echo -n "$word "; echo $word | tr gijloqrstz 9111002572; done

I gota a comprehensive list of usable terms:

roba 20ba
rogo 2090
rosa 205a
rose 205e
saio 5a10
sala 5a1a
sale 5a1e
sali 5a11
salo 5a10
sazi 5a21
scia 5c1a
scie 5c1e
seco 5ec0
seda 5eda
sede 5ede
sedi 5ed1
sedo 5ed0
sega 5e9a
sego 5e90
sera 5e2a
sere 5e2e