All about my scouting experience

Summer Cub Camp 2005 Tolmezzo

 Winter camp 2005-2006
in Moggio (Ud)

1986 Sep: FIrst approach, with chiefs Agenese and Alberto and my Mom in Salesiani Reparto site.

1987 Jan/Feb: My scout promise together with Valentina

1987 Summer: first camp in Chiavari (Liguria)

1988 Summer Camp in Ampezzo

1989 Summer Camp in Ligosullo

1990 Summer Camp in Pontebba

1991 Summer Camp in val Sugana

1992 Route in Ala di Trento

1993 Route In Valona (AL)

1994 Route in Triglavsky Park (SLO)

1995 Route in Timau - S. Stefano di Cadore and "Partenza"

1996 Route as a "tirocinante" in the city novicery on Cinque Terre (Liguria)

1996? Oct: Course-camp on methodologic formation 

1997 Camp in Muinta - Lago di Redona - Tramonti

1998 Camp in Tramonti di Mezzo

1999 Camp in Caoria - ris. nat. Pale di S. Martino as a logistic support

2000 Pause to think...

2001 Cub Camp in Baita Torino (Ampezzo)

2002 Camp in Lago di Santa Croce - Belluno

2003 Camp in Campone

2003 Sep 2,3 Second Squad Civil Defense Agesci FVG Malborghetto

2004 Cub Camp in Tramonti di Sopra

2005 Cub Camp in Tolmezzo

2006  Camp in Muinta - Lago di Redona - Tramonti

2007 Historical Photos and Objects Exibition of 100 years of scouting in Trieste and selection of participants in Friuli-Venezia Giulia Troup at the World Jamboree.

2009 May - Civil Defense Agesci FVG 166 L'Aquila

2009 Camp in val Rauna (Malborghetto)

2010 Still participating in regional explorers team

... and every experience is still a new adventure.